Highlines & Exotics

Getting the best out of your vehicle takes effort as a vehicle owner and reputable service center. At F Imports & Exotics, we use manufactured recommended parts. Our top priority is taking care of your vehicle’s needs to ensure it performs as designed and lasts. Our technicians are prepared to handle a wide variety of services your highline and exotic vehicles require.
F Imports & Exotics master technician performing a vehicle service on a Porsche | Exotic Car and Luxury Automotive Service Center Southwest Florida
Eric Krukow, owner and operator of F Imports & Exotics, servicing a Ferrari Repair | Exotic Car and Luxury Automotive Service Center Naples, Florida

Luxury Automotives

We also provide service and repair for all other luxury cars. Our minimum standard is to exceed your expectations.

General Services

F Imports & Exotics service combines our experienced management staff with highly qualified technicians. We are Southwest Florida’s premier solution for all of your Ferrari repair and service needs.

We service all Ferrari models from classic to new.

Not only do we help you maintain your vehicle through preventative maintenance services, but we are also there when your vehicle needs all types of major & minor repair. Our technicians are trained to repair your car correctly and get you back on the road.
On a hot day, there’s nothing like that refreshing blast of chilled air. But to keep you cool, all the right car parts need to be in good working order. Over time, seals, o-rings, and hoses wear; and fittings can become loose. The result? Refrigerant leaks, which take a toll on your comfort — and the environment. Worse yet, leaks can damage other components, like the compressor.
We offer only top brand tires to match to your specific vehicle needs. Please feel free to visit wherein you can have your specific tires dropped shipped to us for installation.
By purchasing your tires from Tire Rack, your tires will be backed by Tire Rack’s protective warranty. To learn more, please visit:
Just like many other forms of vehicle issues, electrical problems can be intermittent and downright frustrating, and very inconvenient. Electrical diagnosis and repair services can best handle electrical problems like:

  • Car batteries, and everything about it (charging systems, starters, alternators, etc.)
  • Lighting systems, including brake lights, turn signals, warning lights and more
  • Power windows and door locks, including power seats
  • Parts of the cruise control systems
  • Various short circuit problems in wiring systems
  • Air suspension, air bag problems
  • Traction control
  • Transmission and shifting

We offer a wide variety of diagnostic equipment such as: the Porsche PS2, the Leonardo and the Autel MaxiSys.
The companies that we commonly work with are Tubi Style, Capistro, FabSpeed, BeCool, Brembo & SSBC. Selective enhancements are performed with mostly customer supplied parts.
We are an authorized K40 dealer. We install factory authorized parts, right down to the oil filter including Fabspeed and Formula Dynamics parts.

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